Aluminum Cases 


Lighter weight than traditional plastic (ABS/PP/PE) cases, on average about 30% lighter.

Every Aleon Aluminum case has a continuous rubber seal making the case weather and dust proof.

Makes a better presentation for protecting, traveling and carrying premium products.

Aluminum cases offer the ability to modify closures, locks, handles and wheels to meet the needs of the buyer.

Offers a higher level of security to carrying arms and expensive equipment unlike plastic cases that are recognized as carrying such products.

ABS Cases 


ABS cases have over 30-years of experience built into each case.


Offer the lowest cost option to store, carry, travel and protect your products.


High impact resistance and offer a tight seal for water and dust resistance

Aleon offers a huge selection of case sizes and configurations in several colors for a quick off-the-shelf selection.

Aleon offers many ABS cases with our exclusive closures that cannot be accidentally opened.

10 Year Worry-Free Warranty
On All Aluminum Cases 

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10 Year Warranty

On All Aluminum Cases 

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All Aluminum Alloy Storage and

Transportation Equipment Boxes
Aleon’s Equipment case are quality state of the art, aluminum, water-resistant, durable and light lightweight. Developed to protect instruments and equipment in the rugged outdoors, these cases will protect your equipment from harsh climates and rough handling. Aleon’s innovative equipment cases are manufactured using technologically advance manufacturing equipment and are built from aircraft-grade aluminum. The classic design on the surface makes the overall storage case more robust and durable.

Structural Characteristics 

  • The body is made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and is light and more durable than a plastic box. 
  • The case has a stacking structure and meets the requirements of the national military standard transport fork stacking. 
  • More interior space to an equivalent sized plastic equipment box. 
  • Water-resistant and dust-tight. IP56 protection level. 
  • The solid frame and shell protects equipment form hight temperature environments
  • All aluminum alloy boxes have anti-ultraviolet radiation and heat dissipation effect.  

Wide Range of Uses

Camera and production equipment, armaments and equipment for the military and police forces, precision instruments, medical equipment, outdoor operations, etc. Storage and storage of large family items.