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39″ 2-Wheel Long Case

$ 244.00$ 374.00


  • Aleon ABS cases have over 30-years of experience built into each case.
  • Our ABS cases offer the lowest cost option to store, carry, travel and protect your products.
  • All Aleon ABS cases offer high impact resistance and offer a tight seal for water and dust resistance.  
  • ABS cases will not rust or corrode.
  • Aleon offers a huge selection of case sizes and configurations in several colors for a quick off-the-shelf selection.
  • Aleon offers many ABS cases with our exclusive closures that cannot be accidentally opened.

Lid & Base Depth / inside dimensions (Inches)

1.5 x 8.3

36 x 17.4 x 9.8

lbs 33.5

Prices are listed for empty cases, Pick & Pluck Foam or Movable Dividers, custom foam is quoted based on individual requirements.

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